Time to crack down on crime – Tyrrell

Press release 27th February 2019

City Council election candidate Sean Tyrrell (FG) has issued a stark warning to criminals & would be criminals in Finglas East & surrounding areas that he’s fighting hard for more crime fighting resources for both the Ballymun & Finglas Garda stations.

Mr. Tyrrell has called on the Minister for Justice Charlie Flannigan to “pump resources such as additional patrol cars & greater numbers of Gardaí ” into both the Ballymun & Finglas Garda stations after receiving what he describes as a “Tsunami of complaints” about crime, from residents in and around the Finglas East area including Wadelai & the Willow park areas which are under the Ballymun station.

“People no longer feel safe in their own homes” said Tyrrell who was speaking after hosting a meeting with residents & Gardaí from the Finglas station in the Cremore House pub last Tuesday.

“The most common crimes are home burglaries & cars being broken into, its obvious that areas such as Griffith Drive, Ferndale, Wadelai & The Willows are being targeted due to the higher number of older people in these areas along with poor lighting and the fact they’re not on main roads, thankfully working with DCC we’ve begun to address the lighting in some of these areas”.

Mr. Tyrrell credited the Gardaí for trying to make the best of the very limited resources at their disposal, “At the meeting I hosted last Tuesday, one of the complaints put to the Gardaí was the response times, however it was explained that there is only one car in each of the Ballymun & Finglas stations.

“It’s madness to think there are so few resources in these stations, especially when you consider that Finglas is in the busiest policing district in the Country”

“I recently read a report about how around €300K of taxpayer money was spent on fast food for criminals being held in stations last year, I am asking the Minister to put that money into more cars and greater numbers in stations to improve response times & improve the visible presence of Gardaí around Ballymun & Finglas”

Tyrrell finished “Crime & anti-social behaviour are often symptoms of a wider problem, for example we have issues with scrambler bikes at the moment, while legislation is desperately needed from my colleagues in the Dáil, If elected to the Council I am committed to securing space and funding from the Council for a proper track, where those with an interest in motor sports can practice and learn about their sport in a safe environment.”

Sean can be contacted by phone & email HERE for anyone who wants to find out more about this issue or his campaign for a Council seat.